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“The Vocational Training Department of DCC has been established to
provide and offer innovative initiatives designed to enhance students' careers.”

These initiatives focus on the following: 

  Resume/CV building
  Interviewing Skills
  Lectures and Job Opportunities

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A major task of the Vocational Training Department is to identify and coordinate with business organizations within the community that could provide employment opportunities for DCC students. Also the Vocational Training Department contacts and coordinates with business organizations that have the potential to offer suitable training opportunities for students enrolled in the Summer Internship course. Incidentally, students are allowed to contact prospective employers and to arrange for their own placement allocations. However, in such cases, approval from the Vocational Training Department is required. 

The Summer Internship program lasts for eight (8) weeks.  It is one of the graduation requirements for students in the College.  Students will earn 3 credit hours upon successful completion of the Summer Internship program.

Eligibility for Summer Internship:

To be eligible for Summer Internship, students must complete at least 28 credit hours, and fulfill the requirements of their academic department.  In addition, students cannot register for any other course during training.  Students are required to follow the work rules and guidelines as regular employees and submit final reports to their respective departments. Students are also required to give oral presentations detailing their understanding of the training.  The employer should assign supervisors to each student to guide and help him achieve the training objectives. The employer is also requested to submit an evaluation report and an attendance report for each student.   

The Vocational Training Department is undertaking an initiative called “Sponsorships”. This involves identifying companies who are interested in sponsoring students financially toward completion of their education and in employing these students upon graduation based on a contractual appointed time.  Companies interested in sponsoring a predetermined number of students may request the administration to open or offer a new major toward an Associate Degree or offer courses toward obtaining a Certificate.

Another responsibility of the Vocational Training Department is to arrange employment opportunities for graduating students. Before students depart from the college the Department will arrange company interviews and advertise employment opportunities to students during Career Day.  Career Day is a day when organizations are invited to the college to promote themselves and to offer employment opportunities to students.

The Vocational Training Department arranges guest speakers from the business community and organizations to give lectures during the semester to enlighten and broaden students’ knowledge of various business topics such as market trends, goals and objectives, the economy and subjects that pertain to their fields of interest or their majors.

The Vocational Training Department is responsible for conducting workshops for students on resume preparation and interviewing skills for the job market. These workshops are designed to develop and enhance opportunities for students to gain employment.

The Vocational Training Department operates throughout the students’ academic time at DCC to provide services to achieve their goals and to facilitate the best possible employment opportunities.

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