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    Module Attendance Rules

Preparatory English Program
Module Attendance Rule

  1. A DN grade is awarded for more than 15 unexcused absences
    This equates to a 10th of all classes.
  2. A DN grade is awarded for more than 25 absences in total,
    whether unexcused or excused. This equates to a 6th of all
  3. Late rules: Student does not arrive to class on time = 1 late.
    Student arrives 10 minutes late = 1 absence. 5 lates = 1
  4. Teachers must record their students' absences and lateness for
    all classes .
  5. Teachers cannot give excuses. Students should never ask for
    an excused absence from their teacher.
  6. Medical excuses, police reports, etc. must be presented to
    Student Affairs in Room 155 within one week of returning to
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